Go serverless

Blazingly fast

Optimized website delivery globally, built-in load balancing, zero configuration.

Highly secure

Enhanced immunity from common attacks with advanced WAF and DDoS protection.

Unlimited scaling

Delivery instantly matched to demand means virtually zero downtime.

The challenges of WordPress

WordPress is an open source content management system behind the majority of the world’s busiest websites. It offers easy editing tools and an extensive ecosystem of themes and plugins, all maintained by a vibrant community of developers.

At the same time, it is the web platform most targeted by hackers; even with expert platform management, it can be difficult to secure. Many businesses do not understand how to protect WordPress and their websites are open to defacement or script injection.

Compared with many alternative systems, WordPress is slow at delivering pages to your visitors. With Google emphasizing the importance of speed for SEO rankings and visitor satisfaction, when it comes to your WordPress site, faster is better.

How Comstatic helps

Comstatic solves many of the speed and security problems associated with WordPress. While you continue to use WordPress for content management, our system takes care of the rest. We optimize, secure, and accelerate the loading experience for your visitors.

As a managed solution, Comstatic deals with the setup, maintenance, and monitoring of your website. We use cutting-edge, serverless technology, with globally distributed endpoints. This allows us to protect your website more effectively, push it closer to your visitors, and ensure virtually zero downtime. With Comstatic, you are everywhere.

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