How we got here

Your WordPress website is probably a cornerstone of your business. It tells people who you are, what you do, and why you do it; it’s how you stand out from the competition; and it’s where you advertise your products and services. But managing, optimising, and securing your website is becoming increasingly difficult.

WordPress has revolutionised content-management, making it easier than ever to build a website. But WordPress is extremely inefficient on multiple fronts, which means your website is also inefficient on multiple fronts. If you’re not an IT expert (or at least very tech-savvy), managing a server is confusing, complicated, and stressful.

Many companies – from web-hosts to software providers – claim to have the solution: for a seemingly arbitrary monthly sum (which increases proportionately with the list of seemingly meaningless words), you can get everything you need: safer websites, faster websites, the complete works, entirely stress free. Right?

We don’t think so. In fact, we believe that the marketing of products in this space has become overly-aggressive, unnecessarily complicated, and designed to confuse and mislead. For anyone who isn’t a web-developer, you never quite know what you are paying for, why you are paying for it, or how to actually use it once you have paid for it. Perhaps worst of all, many of the products in this space aren’t even capable of doing what they claim they are able to do.

Comstatic wants to change all of this by providing a completely managed solution. Our software is designed to deliver enterprise-grade performance for your website, but at a fraction of the cost. Everything we do is evidence-based and bench-marked, not just generic promises. Most importantly, everything we offer is entirely transparent: you’ll have all the answers to all your questions before you spend a single penny.