Who is Comstatic?

Comstatic is an innovative start-up helping customers using WordPress to optimise website performance and enhance website security.

How can Comstatic help me?

Comstatic provides a managed solution for the delivery of your WordPress site. Whilst the specifics of the service depend on the plan you select, as a managed service we take care of everything, for as long as you are a customer.

How long am I committed to using Comstatic?

You are free to cancel at any time and there is no lock-in period or minimum contract length. If you pay for an annual subscription, you will receive a refund for any unused months.

How can I predict my traffic costs?

Each plan includes a generous amount of data transfer. If you exceed these limits, you are automatically billed a per-Gigabyte fee between $0.17 – $0.50 depending on your region. Our software is designed to reduce the size of your web pages which helps minimize data transfer costs. However, this cost is mainly influenced by the number of visitors.

Broadly speaking, traffic costs = size of web page x number of visitors.

If you have a specific question once you have installed Comstatic, please contact us on

How can I protect against unexpected traffic costs?

If you are planning on running TV campaigns or expect significant publicity around your website, we can help you reduce costs associated with supporting very large amounts of traffic. Contact us for more information on


How do I get Comstatic?

Comstatic is available as a WordPress plugin but is not available from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Contact us at if you would like to participate.

How do I install Comstatic?

We will send you a file link which you upload to WordPress, and an API key to activate the plugin. We require minor changes to your website’s DNS settings, but don’t worry – we provide documentation outlining these simple steps.

Can I uninstall Comstatic?

Of course. We want you to be happy with our service, but if you decide Comstatic is not right for you then uninstalling is quick and easy. The removal process is essentially the reverse of installation – we provide specific steps in your welcome email tailored to your domain, but please contact us on if you need assistance.

Does this impact my SEO rankings?

Yes – since Google now uses webpage speed as a ranking indicator, a faster website can lead to improvements in your page rankings. However, Google does not provide any guarantees or timescales about how and where your webpage will rank.


Why is Comstatic more secure than traditional WordPress options?

Using plugins to defend your server offers limited security from denial of service attacks and brute-force logins because the server uses its own resources in fending off attackers. Comstatic stands between your WordPress server and the attack, mitigating incoming requests before they hit your server. In addition, we use enterprise-grade threat detection that examines traffic across thousands of other sites to assess risks.

What is country blocking?

Country blocking allows you to restrict access to your website based on visitor location; you can provide us with a white-list (permitted) or blacklist (blocked). Country blocking helps protect your content from bots and malicious visitors, many of which stem from known areas. If you do not generate business in these regions, restrictions can help to both reduce traffic costs and enhance security.